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Hey dear watchers!

It came to my attention that my latest submission haven't appeared on your watch list (thanx for the heads-up, Lamis!). I have heard about similar problems from other fellow deviants. Must be a bug or something.

Anyway, I'm a live and well. Studies are taking all my time, and in my free time I was too lazy to upload. sorry for that!

Check out the gallery, there's new stuff!
I'll submit more as soon as the bug gets fixed. Stay tuned


I contacted the Helpdesk about the problem and they told me to have my watchers report the poblem. So If anyone of you guys have few free minutes, I'd be thankful if you sent a note to the Helpdesk reporting that new deviations submitted by me don't show in your watch list. i'd really apprciate it. Thankx in advance.


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Hey dear watchers!

It came to my attention that my latest submission haven't appeared on your watch list (thanx for the heads-up, Lamis!). I have heard about similar problems from other fellow deviants. Must be a bug or something.

Anyway, I'm a live and well. Studies are taking all my time, and in my free time I was too lazy to upload. sorry for that!

Check out the gallery, there's new stuff!
I'll submit more as soon as the bug gets fixed. Stay tuned

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It's amazing how fast time flies!

Deviant since Mar 20, 2003, 3:08 PM

Thanx for your support guys!:thanks:
I hope to still have you as watchers and favers when I publish a Journal titled "X"

keep rocking :thumbsup:
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200,000 Pageviews and over 2300 watchers!!
Thanx to you all guys.. I really appreciate your support!

Keep creating!
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As many of you have already read, I have won a internship at BMW's design center in Munich, Germany!
Really feeling happy about it. especially because I recieved the news while I was preparing an application portfolio for BMW! Now I won't have to send it and wait anxiously for their decision:D
Still don't know when I can start with it.. I'll soon be there for an intordustion interview to clearify the final details and all.. really excited!


Another reason to be happy is that two days ago I had my 2,000th watcher here on dA!!
it's :iconfenixclz013:
Go and visit his gallery.. you'll like if you liked mine.. he's a car entusiast too and has some cool works in his gallery!

Thanx a bunch mate and keep up the cool work :thumbsup:


>> FAQ…
Here is a collection of the questions I frequently get asked:



1. Personal:

1.1. Your name sounds Arabic. Where are you originally from?
- I'm originally from Iraq. But I've been living in Germany for more than 6 years now.

1.2. I'd like to contact you but my English isn't very good. Can I write to you in an other language?
- Yes you can write to me in German (which is more difficult than English) or in Arabic (which is more difficult than both) ... Oh great.

1.3. Would you add me to your MSN messenger?
- I would, but don't be surprised if you saw me once every 3 months online. I use instant messaging soft wear only to chat with close friends or to discuss some important things – not for general chat.

1.4. What is the best way to contact you then?
- feel free to send an e-mail.

1.5. Where do you work and can you tell me what it takes to be a car designer?
- I'm not a pro designer. I'm just an amateur enjoying what he does. I'm planning to start a professional carrier as a car designer later. SO I'm sorry I can't answer any question of this kind.

1.6. What are the best schools that teach car design?
- I'm sorry but I can't tell, because I haven't started my studies yet.

2. Work:

2.1. Do you draw the sketches of your cars or do you find them somewhere on the net and render them?
- All my renderings are based on my own sketches and my own designs.

2.2. I have drawn a sketch of a car I designed, would you render it for me?
- I'm afraid the answer is No. I only render my own work and I encourage everyone to learn how to render their own work.

2.3. Fine, would you teach me how to render?
- I've written more than one tutorial to show my way of working. I tried to make then as easy to understand and as detailed as possible so that anyone can get it started. I can't do more than that. You can them here on my deviant page.

2.4. What tools do you use for your work?
- A 2B pencil for sketching and Adobe Photoshop for the rendering work.

2.5. Do you work with a graphic tablet?
- No, I only use my mouse.

2.6. Why that?
- I got used to it and can control it better than a light pen. But that's only me. If you're more comfortable with a tablet then use it. You may achieve better results that mine.

2.7. How long does it take you to finish a rendering?
- It depends on the complexity of the piece I'm working on. Generally 10 to 30 minutes for sketching and 6 to 10 hours for the rendering.

2.8. Why do you draw more Mercedes (and generally German cars) more than any other cars?
- I'm a Mercedes and generally German car fan. That's why

2.9. Do you pay attention to technical aspects in you designs?
- Considering technical aspects is important and something you can't ignore as a car designer, but when I submit a design here I'm mostly showing a form, a styling. If the car is made really, there certainly will be some changes in the final proportions to make place for the engine or the passenger or anything similar. I'm not the only who does that. Even the pro designers do that in their initial ideation sketches. Read more here…

2.10. For how long have you been drawing cars?
- I started at the age of 6 or 7 -can't remember- with designing cars. Drawing cars started one or two years earlier than that  


3. Payments:

3.1. I like your work very much. Would you draw me a car for free?
- It's not a matter of money, but when I work on a new car for 6 to 10 hours, I do like to get a fair reward for my work – in a financial form or something equal.

3.2. Ok, I'll pay you. How much do you want?
- The prices vary depending on what you want. A sketch is cheaper than a rendering and some renderings are more expensive than others, depending on the complexity, effort and quality. E-mail me with you idea and we'll talk about it.

3.3. I want you to draw my car. I'll send you pictures and I'll pay you for your work.
- Unfortunately that's not possible. I'm not allowed to sell any works that display a registered design, name logo and similar thing due to copyright issues.

3.4. I'm working on a project and am in need of a professional designer like you.
- First of all, I'm an amateur designer. that means I have no professional experience yet. So don't expect that I'll work like a pro.

3.5. I need some 3D models. Would you do me some?
- My work is only 2D. I sketch, scan and render. No 3D software involved.

3.6. Where can I find your work?
- You can find most of it here on A small selsction of car design work can be found in my Cardesignnews Portfolio on this link…

3.7. Don't you have an own portfolio site?
- I've been planning to build one for 4 years now and have been designing tons of layout but the project never found its happy end.


4. Permissions:

4.1. I like your work; can I save some of it on my Hard disk?
- Feel free to do that  

4.2. Can I submit some of your work on my website?
- Yes you can, but please tell me before you do and once you do give credits and put the address of the site you got the images from.

4.3. Would you send me some of your work in Hi-Res?
- Afraid no. Sending it in high resolution gives you the chance to print it in high quality and sell it. I'm not expecting everyone who asks me for hi-res images to do that, but there is always a risk.

4.4. Does that mean I'm not allowed to print any of your work at all?
- No. You can print what you like, but only for personal use. You'll have to use the images submitted here, since there is no guarantee that you won't sell the images after getting them in higher resolution.

4.5. I run a printed magazine and like to print some of your work, can I do that?
- I'll be very thankful if you contacted me before doing that so that we can talk about the price and all.

4.6. I want to print the images as a part of an article I'm doing about you. Will I still have to pay for using them?
- In this case, No you don't have to, but contacting me before that won't be a mistake either  I' also willing to give you any information you like for you article.


5. Misc:

5.1. Any tips for beginners?
- Practice, practice and more practice. Nobody started at a high level. All the great artists and designers started with simple drawing. Practice makes perfect.

5.2. My question wasn't answered here. What should I do?
- Post you questions here and I'll be glad to answer. The list of question will be updated after every new question
Hey People,

I don't know why anybody would want to know more about me, but since it's there, maybe you'd want to take a look..…

Thanx to :iconbornghost:

I was recenly asked a lot of questions about how do you look out of the windows my cars for they look unrealistically flat aor too small and other question that kind..
So I´'m eriting this to give a kind of "universal answer" to hundruts of questions which deal with the same subjct.

Things that I 'm usually asked about are:

- the low rooflines
- the low body
- the huge rims
- the missing doors shutlines

Designers usually always love to make their cars look sportier than in real life.. anyone of you who have seen an official sketch of any existing model would have noticed that.. and of course the main characteristic elements of a sporty appearance are low, sleek (mostly round) roof line, relatively low body and big (sometimes huge) wheels with rims as big as possible. But make people don't wonder about the unrealism of these proportions -beside the fact that the real cars are alredy produced with realistic proportions- is the rendering type. Most of the time, these sketches are rendered quickly or not even colored, while the realistic renderings -which are made later after the design has been chosen and signed off-  are rendered perfectly and realistically and are drawn in real proportions.

My style is to connect both types in my renderings.. take the SKETCHING style of the initial sketches with their unrealistic, sporty and cool proportins and render them as realistic as possible using the RENDERING style of the realistic, accurate and final renderings. And that's what confuses the commenter on my work. They see that the rendering style of mine is close to reality and proseed on the assumption that the proportions should be like that too.

So don't wonder in future when you see a car you cannot look out of its windows once you get it.. that's if you can get in at all, because I don't like to draw doors shut lines unless they're part of the design elements of the car. And don't be shock once you see that the rims could never be smaller than 30 inches!
March 20, 2003
The day I joined dA on.. those of you who are good at maths would notice that today would be my 2nd anniversary here :D

Thanx to all the +wathers and the +favers :thanks:  
20k Pageviews!

Hey people.. how you doin'? :)

The Top 10 list of the Peugeot Design Contest has been announced today.. Unfotunately My design… didn't make it in the list. looks like it didn't get enough votes compared to the others.. anyway..

I'd just like to thank every one who voted for me.. It was really cool from you guys.. thanx again :)

Special thanx to:
:iconptviper: PtViper was the first to put a note about the contest with a voting recommendation for me, thanx mate ;)

:iconkocho: Kocho put an announcement in his journal with a voting guide.. exteremly kind.. thanx man and keep up the great work :thumbsup:

:iconemrehusmen: Emre and I voted for each other several times.. visit his page and congrarulate him.. he did it in the top 10 list!.. congrats man and good luck:D

Wish me good luck for the next Peugeot Contest in 2006 :fingerscrossed:
Those who have seen my latest 4 deviations and read the descrition below them know that I was chosen to be on of the 30 finalists of the contest.
Now those 30 design entries will be submitted online for public voting till mid january I think. You can select your favourite 10 concepts out of the 30.
My qualified entry can be seen here:…

If you like it, then please, put it on your top 10 list :)
Thanx for your contribution :)
Here is the link to the contest's sit where you can vote (it's avalable in English, French and Spanish):…
Sorry that I can't give a direct link but you know how the car looks and you won't miss it hopefully :)

Wish me good luck :fingerscrossed: